Accounts Receivable

A robust Accounting Module tailored to your needs.

Built from the ground up, Pebblegate's accounting module (PAM) is intuitively simple to use and will grow with your business requirements. Create detailed, auditable and reconcilable accounting processes that enable your financial managers to do what's important - track money, move money and get paid.

Most importantly do it - Anytime and Anywhere.

Accounting Module Property Management Software


Whether performing basic bookkeeping or sophisticated management of advanced accounting functions, PAM's financial engine provides a centralized control point for all of your important financial processes - receivables, payables, budgeting, amortizations and reconciliations.

PAM's reporting engine ensures that you have complete visibility to each business sector in a precise and readable format. Need a quick, visual view of a single aspect of your business? Or the ability to data mine detailed financials at the granular level? PAM provides it in an easy to use, customizable, rules based environment.

Consistently enforce accounting rules and policies, provide centralized control and ensure audit traceability with PAM.

Centralized control point for all of your important financial processes
Complete visibility to each business sector
Easy to use, customizable rules based environment