Lease Management

Manage the lease process from prospect to tenant.

Maximize your marketing with Pebblegate's comprehensive lease management CRM. Streamline and centralize lease management, negotiate smarter and communicate effectively.

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With Pebblegate's Lease Management module you can:

Manage the lease process and track all documentation including lease contracts, emails, interactions and historical data.
Create comprehensive tenant profiles, track and manage insurance information, critical dates, defined tenant/landlord responsibilities and specific reminders.
Automate all recurring and non-recurring billing charges. Schedule collections with ultimate flexibility.
Use built in reminders to ensure all team members are on schedule. Automate issue escalation to ensure all tasks finish on time and on-budget.
Centralize and share role based information with decision makers, landlords, construction personnel and external contacts.
Track available square footage using vacant space reports as well as stacking plans.
Assign accounts to internal teams or individuals. Track performance and opportunity costs.