Tasks Module

Tenants want fast, reliable, responsive customer service - its critical to their success and yours.

Optimize your support staff's strengths and abilities by increasing efficiencies and automating processes with Pebblegate's Task Module.

Most importantly do it - Anytime and Anywhere.

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The Task Module captures requests directly thru a Tenant portal, assigns priorities and queues, auto generates a scope of work and dispatches appropriate personnel. All tasks have an auditable accountability path and can be escalated as required. Manage and monitor auto reminders, track billable hours and report on and analyze performance using a sequence of connected steps to process each request.

Pebblegate's highly customizable task and issue tracking module enables your team as they collaborate, monitor and resolve tasks, work orders and projects.

Centralized database for all property portfolio information
Manage ownership, leases, financials, budgets & maintenance
Segment properties and other assets into distinct portfolios
Role based dashboards, workflow overviews & more